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We are fundraising in part to bring on more programs from the Marquis Studios ( www. )

Currently, Marquis is working with our PS84 first graders.  Ms. Hernandez, (first grade dual language teacher, 1-258), had this to say about Marquis:


"I am very impressed with the Marquis program! The teachers are amazing. They have helped to build confidence in each of the students. Even my "shy" students are inspired to stand up, speak and perform in front of their peers. The students have also learned how to work better as a team and how to praise one another. Another benefit of the Marquis program is that the students have also developed better communication skills ...."


For further information, please read David Marquis' description of their programs:


Marquis Studios has provided a variety of arts-in-education services to New York City public schools for the last 35 years. We seek to foster a greater partnership between artists and classroom teachers by providing arts programs as a supplement to traditional classroom teaching techniques.

Over three decades, Marquis Studios has worked with over 285,000 students, 26,000 teachers and 10,500 parents at schools and cultural institutions throughout New York City.  We work annually with between 70 and 75 NYC Public schools serving 20,000 students each year.

Marquis Studios is so very pleased to be partnering with PS 84. We have worked together on many occasions since 2004 and are now back after a few year’s hiatus with our Circus arts program.

The Circus Arts program is designed to reach all ages. For the younger student, techniques such as role playing, mimicking of animals or feather balancing are some of the activities. For older students, we add plate spinning, scarf juggling, comedic improvisation, advanced juggling and prat falls and tumbles. This residency brings to life techniques of clowning and physical comedy, as well as introducing the student to the significance of circus in many cultures. The program promotes physical education, gross motor skills and improved hand/eye coordination as well as teaching such skills as juggling, feather balancing, tumbling, comedy and improvisation. Students learn the different types of clown character (Auguste, boss clown, sad clown, silly clown) and compare and contrast these styles as they develop their individual clown characters. The program promotes freedom of expression and creativity moreover builds self confidence by its intrinsic “sky’s the limit” approach.

Another program that we hope to revive at PS 84 is our Percussion of the World residency.
This residency is a multi-cultural exploration of the use of drumming in many different parts of the world and fosters a sense of community by way of hands-on instrument playing.  With broad-based creativity as the focus, these programs also incorporate simple movement, literacy, global studies and mathematics in the course curriculum. The student learns to play percussion in several cultural styles.  By the end of the course, the class is able to identify and play the different percussion styles of Sicily, Egypt, and Turkey, and compare and contrast the works with the corresponding cultures.

As part of the curriculum, the class explores the relationship between vibration and sound. Concepts and skills learned include:

Using percussive instruments and student’s bodies, hands, feet and breath to to explore the question “What is music?”
Understanding the meaning of “orchestration”
Comparing and contrasting different styles of music-making through listening and performing
Exploring the relationship between vibration and sound
Arranging sounds into patterns and performing those patterns based on visual cues
Creating a score
Establishing procedures for working with instruments, applying the concepts of following a conductor to instrumental performance.

The students compose, conduct and perform an instrumental piece using dynamics and another piece containing 2 instruments and different tempos. Younger students learn to read and compose their own music using symbolic notation.  Older students learn or expand their familiarity with solfege, depending on their previous musical training. The program usually ends with a shared performance.

After so many year of bringing art programs to public schools we sometimes need to remind ourselves that there are plenty of parents who still do not know our work. Please visit our web site for a complete list of programs offered. The video on our home page is a three minute documentation of what principals, students and teaching artists have to say about the Marquis Studios experience.

David Marquis


Assemblyman Joe Lentol joined families and students on Friday, February 10th, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for PS 84’s new Fitness Center, launching of a new era of Fitness for our students.

Last year, Joseph Lentol allocated $100,000.00 for P.S. 84 to build a Gym. Because of Assemblyman Lentol’s commitment to our children, the Department of Education constructed a fitness center for our school.

The Fitness Center has exercise equipment, specifically made for children, with ballet bars and mirrors for dance.

Public School 84 is committed to educating the whole child.  Physical fitness and healthy eating is one of the many priorities of our school.

Assemblyman Joe Lentol trying out the equipment in PS 84's new Fitness Center




Dear Parents!
We had a great meeting this last PTA, and I am very exited because we have a lot more people helping out on fund raising already.

MUSIC ROOM committee. If you want to get involved in helping the music room project please contact Jordan Margolis at
GALA AUCTION FUNDRAISER committee: to get involved contact Courtney Smith at
DIRECT APPEAL FUNDRAISER: to learn more or donate money contact David Ransom at or Elka at elkankol@
GRANT WRITING: with ideas, leads or to give a hand please contact Chris Toker at

WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS for the following:

EXTENSION OF THE LIBRARY: We need one parent to head the extension of the library commitee. We have a room next to the present library space, which was repainted during the Christmas break. What needs to be done is to work with the school to organize the new room into a library for the younger children. We are already raising money for this project but need one person to spearhead this and move it along. If you are passionate about books please get in touch with me at Holly McDade who is heading the library at the moment will help you to get started.

CORPORATE MATCHING GRANTS/CORPORATE GIVING: this is maybe something for a person with business experience but not necessary. We need to solicit money from businesses and corporations on behalf of P.S. 84. If you feel that this is up your alley please contact me.

TECHNOLOGY GRANTS/DONATIONS: We need new computers/I-pads for the library and for the teachers room. We also need one parent to head this initiative. If you have experience in this area please contact me.

BOXTOPS FUNDRAISER: with questions about Boxtops and how to get involved please contact Ileana Santos-Moya at    The boxtops site is:

I hope to see you at the next PTA meeting with more good news.  Meanwhile, I will be updating you about our progress in reaching our goal of $50,000. So far, we have raised $4050. Look for the meter in the school lobby as well.

Thank you.

Elka Nikolova
Fundraising committee


There was a really big turnout including several teachers at last Thursday's meeting.  The energy was amazing.  With so much great stuff happening, and the new update  - it seems like everything has really come together.

Maria Quail, our Department of Education Network Leader came to talk about
why PS 84 was chosen to host an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Nest Program
and to introduce Dorothy Siegel, the founder and leader of the ASD Nest.
The program will begin this fall, starting with two kindergarten classes - four ASD with eight typically developing kids + two teachers.  If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program, then contact the front
office and ask for materials and more information.

Elka Nikolova, who is the head of our fundraising committee, outlined the following:

1) We are having a silent auction fund raiser, called the Gala, probably in April.  Courtney Smith is the
head of the Gala.  To join this committee, write her -
In order to keep this email manageable, I'm hoping Courtney will follow up with a separate email with more specifics.

2) We are appealing to everyone for direct donations to fund expanded music and arts programs.
We have received over $4000 in the last month, but we need all families to donate.  We will be instituting
an online option soon, but for now, write checks out to:  PS84 PTA and leave them in the PTA box in the front office or email Treasurer David Ransom  -   
Additionally, we need volunteers immediately to help solicit direct donations from corporations including local businesses.  If you can head this committee, write to Elka Nikolova -

3) Grant writing.  This committee is currently run by second grade teacher Ms. Vizcaino, Meredith Barish, and Elka Nikolova.  Three grants have been written:  The Laura Bush Library Grant, The Loews Toolbox Grant, and Trout in the Classrooms.  A few parents indicated that they would join this committee, but we need more volunteers.  Contact Elka again.

4) Don't forget to cut out your box tops and bring to school.  Also, always shop through the boxtops website when shopping online.  We've made hundreds of dollars already simply by doing this easy things.

Anyone who wants to research the Amazon project, which is similar, that would be great!

The Materials Recyclables project is up and running and if you have any ideas or want to help, contact Louisa Thompson -

Matt Aronowitz asked PTA members to fill out Parent and Teacher testimonials to help with our search engine optimization.   He is working with an outside firm to help our website come up faster in searches.


There are still plans to expand the library.  A second room has been cleaned and painted.  We need a volunteer to lead this committee.  If you are interested, contact Holly McDade -

We need to organize the Music Room, and David Ransom and Jordan Margolis volunteered to do this.  Daphne Youree is working on a grant for the music room.  If you want to help, email Jordan -

Everard Findlay discussed the Roof Top Garden Project.  This takes long term planning and funding.  We do have funding and an architect lining up, and some great preliminary projects planned.  We will start by greening the areas around the school further, and possibly by having the children decorate flower boxes and displaying them around local stores and businesses.


Teachers Matt Berkshire and John Frezza started a street hockey after school program for third through fifth graders as well as a sponsorship from the NY Islanders professional ice hockey team.

The goals of the after school program are:
- To introduce children of all backgrounds to the game of hockey and its culture
- To develop character,  discipline, and positive relationships between students through participation in a team sport
- To promote regular physical activity and proper nutrition

After a quick snack, the kids have about 90 minutes to play hockey which is broken down between drills and partner activities, and four on four or three on three team games. 
They are just wrapping up their first winter session, and in the beginning of March there will be a new session.  The third session will begin in May.  The kids are having a great time while making friends across grade levels.  The girls are competing with the boys, so the kids are getting lessons in gender equality too.

This Saturday, February 11th @ 1:00pm, is our first Islanders fundraiser.  PS 84 families get a special $20 ticket price and part of the proceeds will go back to the school.  Mr. Berkshire and Mr. Frezza will continue to develop additional fund raisers and sponsorships with the team.  Call 516-501-6894 for tickets.


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