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Glad to announce that through the efforts of parents Molly Findlay, Stella Metzner and Jasmine Astronomo, PS 84 has just won a grant from Build it Green NYC!.

We will receive 240 linear feet of reclaimed scaffolding boards to be used in our continuing greening of the school - in this case, probably in our garden areas. 

Build it Green NYC! collects old scaffolding and through their BIG!Blooms grant program, makes it available to school gardens.  As they say on their site:

"Ever wonder what happens when the ugly scaffolding in front of your favorite corner store comes down? Well, after the scaffolding has been used for construction purposes, it is retired and sent to a landfill. Build It Green!NYC saw an opportunity to help divert the wood from the waste stream and provide free materials to local gardens...

BIG!Blooms began last year, and has already diverted 3,000 boards of scaffolding lumber to be used as raised garden beds, tree guards, and compost bins for local community and school gardens".

Great news and thanks to the parents who made this happen!


City Harvest’s Feed the Kids food drive, held at PS 84 until June 17th, helps provide much-needed food for New York City's children through the summer months, when access to school meals may be limited.


More than 1.5 million New Yorkers currently live in poverty, with 25% of New York City children living in food insecure homes. Last year's drive raised more than 155,000 pounds of kid-friendly food, which City Harvest delivered to nearly 600 emergency food programs in all five boroughs to help feed children and their families throughout the summer.


Most-needed items include: canned fruit, canned vegetables, peanut butter (plastic jars), macaroni and cheese (packaged), and hot and cold cereal (packaged, family-sized).


Deposit your donations in the the bin in the lobby.  Contribute to the "Feed the Kids" food drive!







-Saturday, June 2nd, from 11am to 4pm will be our 2nd annual garden party fundraiser. 

-To volunteer to work at the Garden Party, email Diana Zelvin :
-To volunteer to make food for the event, email Ileana Santos-Moya :
    We will need side dishes.

-There will also be the unveiling of the plans at the party for the school's new rooftop greenhouse classroom featuring a state of the art hydroponic laboratory.  The curriculum will begin this September in the science classes.  This is a continuation of PS 84's greening of the school and of its commitment to a strong science program aided by this year's new early morning enrichment science class.

-We are forming a nominating committee to run the elections for next year's executive officers and school leadership team (SLT).  If you want to run for office, you cannot be on the nominating committee, but you should start to write up something presenting yourself and what you'd like to do if elected.  Anyone interested in being on the committee should contact Ileana Santos-Moya :

- El Puente will be creating a wonderful mural for the school.  They will be donating their time and funding half of the needed supplies.  They did host a meeting and our kids came up with some great deas.  Look for updates about this in the future.

-There will a father/daughter event on Friday, June 15th.  Hoping to also host a mother/son event.

Fundraising information:

-Our First Ever Gala Auction was a tremendous success:  Over 250 people attended the party, and we raised over $25,000.
-Our Direct Donations Campaign is still ongoing. To donate money towards the direct appeal, go online to and give thru paypal. Or, you can send a check written to PS 84 PTA .

-Matching donations: If you work for a company which has matching grants, please consider asking them to match your contribution to P.S. 84.  Also, we are looking for a parent with a business experience to help us in soliciting funds from businesses. If you are interested in helping please contact
Elka Nikolova :

-Trout in the Classroom: Thanks to the grant writing efforts of parent Meredith Barish, starting in the fall, PS 84’s children will begin a very exciting program: Trout in the Classroom where they will raise and later on release trout fish in to the wild.

- Music grant: Parent Chris Tokar worked on an application to the Baker Foundation for $25,000 towards our music program. We will receive updates once the decision is made.

- Boxtops for Education Fundraiser: We are collecting box tops cutouts and shopping online to earn money for our school. So far, we have earned $413.29 towards our goal of $1000 this year. We have 48 parents and supporters registered at the Boxtops for Education website but we need more. Please register at and choose P.S. 84 as your school to support.  Then, every time you shop online thru the boxstops website, you earn money for P.S. 84! 

- Books4ourschool Fundraiser: Our school came in third on the Books4ourschools fundraiser, and we will get 100 new books to add to our library collection. Thank you to all who voted for PS 84.


Another great initiative!  This time by Pre-K parent, Molly Findlay.

She has gotten started a mural in our playground, and the first phase has been completed, see the attached photo!

Molly was able to get paint donated by the 11th street Workshop (they just moved to our neighborhood and wanted to get involved).  Then, she enlisted the help of Diego, a teacher at Mi Escuelita, to do the initial painting.  He even enticed a friend to come along and help!

It would be great to get trees and nature scenes from anybody who feels inspired.  There is a lot of space to cover. Molly made a suggestion that perhaps every kid could have their bird, but wants to hear your ideas too.   She thinks it could be continually evolving, but insists that it doesn't have to be anything too precious, so join in! 



The good news just can't stop coming to PS 84.  We have gotten a grant to start The Trout in the Classroom Program this fall!


A kindergarten parent, Meredith Barish, initiated the move to get the Trout Program to PS84, and after getting the
green light from principal Rodriquez applied for a grant which just came through!

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is an environmental education program in which students -

  - raise trout from eggs to fry.
  - monitor tank water quality.
  - engage in stream habitat study.
  - learn to appreciate water resources.
  - begin to foster a conservation ethic.
  - grow to understand ecosystems.

Most programs end the year by releasing their trout in a state-approved stream near the school or within a nearby watershed.  During the year, each teacher tailors the program to fit his or her curricular needs.  Therefore, each program is unique.  TIC has interdisciplinary applications in science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, fine arts, and physical education.

Here's to PS 84 continued commitment to the environment!


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