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P.S.84 is pleased to announce a revolutionary new project that will have significant long-term benefits for our students and the community. Come join us for the unveiling of the plans for our 1,500 square foot Hydroponic Greenhouse Classroom on June 2nd, at our Annual Garden Party, from 11-4pm.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the music, food, crafts, and the pig roast, but you will have an opportunity to preview plans for this thrilling addition to our school - a prototype sustainable urban farm and environmental education center.

You will get a chance to see how students will learn major science concepts through hands-on activities, critical thinking, and by interaction with greenhouse technology.

Our Greenhouse Science Laboratory will be a classroom built around a 21st-century sustainable urban farm. In the greenhouse, children will grow food, while learning about nutrition, water resource management, efficient land use, biodiversity, conservation, pollution, waste management, and sustainable development. To facilitate this project-based learning environment, the PS 84 Greenhouse Classroom will also include hydroponic growing systems, a rainwater catchment system, aquaponics, a weather station and a vermi composting station, among other specialized greenhouse equipment.

The laboratory operates as an integrated part of the school curricula and prepares children to exceed New York City science standards.
In addition to enhancing a school science curriculum, the greenhouse laboratory greatly enriches arts and social studies by connecting nature to culture. Students learn the relationship between humans and the environment and gain a greater appreciation of sustainable development and its direct relationship to cultural diversity.
This is a two-part project. The first part leading up to our completed rooftop Greenhouse is converting a classroom into a Greenroom, a hydroponic science lab. Although our science and art teachers, have already been implementing a green curriculum, the in-house green room will give children the opportunity to start using the systems as early as this coming September.
Part two is the completed construction of the rooftop greenhouse classroom. When that is ready, the in- house green classroom will be converted into a science lab and all those systems will be installed in the greenhouse along with other specialized equipment.
We greatly look forward to sharing our unveiling of this project!


Diana Zelvin and Heather Langsner
Co-Chairs Greenhouse Project

Sereida S. Rodriguez-Guerra
Principal PS 84 Jose de Diego



Our LEAP (Learning through Expanded Arts Program) afterschool program has been busy at the school.


They have two events coming up.  There will be a family basketball night on Tuesday, May 1st at 5:30pm run by teaching artist Sharlene Cabrera.  There is room for 15 families, and light refreshments will be served.


On Thursday, May 10th, from 5:30 to 7:30, there will be a yoga workshop with room for 25 adults, and taught by teaching artist Kate Downie.


LEAP also recently also completed a T-Shirt making workshop in April.


Last January, LEAP was in the news for an event for the soldiers from Fort Hamilton Army Base.  Students gave handmade cards thanking the soldiers for their commitment and dedication to our country.  Brooklyn Daily reported this special afternoon. 


LEAP develops and implements innovative programs that use the arts and a variety of hands-on activities to stimulate curiosity, foster creativity, and improve students' academic performance.



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