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Fashionistas Enrichment Club with Anne Rogers


This last year, parent Anne Rogers started the Fashionistas Enrichment Club to work with students to teach them fashion design.  The Club met in the school's drama room.
Here's an update on the club from Assistant Principal, Matt Berkshire:  
The Fashionistas Enrichment Club began meeting with Ms. Rogers this winter.  The goal was to guide the students through the fashion design process from start to finish.  The students collaborated on their designs and supported each other along the way by using their individual strengths. 
The process began with plans that the students made in sketch form.  They looked at designs that Ms. Rogers presented, and taking into account the materials available to them, they put their ideas down on paper. 
Following the design period, the students went to work cutting, sewing and decorating their shirts.  The students learned how to thread needles, use fabric shears safely, and how to sew and lace fabrics. 
The project culminated with a critiquing session at which the students gave feedback to their peers.  We are looking forward to expanding this program next year. 
Matt Berkshire




In conjunction with PS 84 parent Iván Navarro's curated opening, Junkies’ Promises, June 27, from 6 - 8pm, a 12' vinyl record will be sold with a portion of the proceeds going to PS 84.

This 12" vinyl record / CD includes songs from the performance of OIDO: An Experiment in Sound and Sculpture, presented last year by Hueso Records in conjunction with PS 84 and Paul Kasmin Gallery, to raise funds for the PS 84 Rooftop Greenhouse Classroom. It will also be available for sale at :

TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe teamed up with sculptor and light artist Iván Navarro to create the unique experience of OÍDO: An Experiment in Sound and Sculpture. Navarro, along with artist Courtney Smith, built an ensemble of sculptural works that Adebimpe and musician Bart Higgins of Emergency Party used to create a multi-fronted performance incorporating voice, percussion and light. These one-of-a-kind instruments were designed to be played by the musicians for the show—kick drums refitted with fluorescent lights, clear, and two way mirrors, creating the illusion of staring into infinity when looking at the face of each drum.

Iván and several collaborators will perform excerpts and new pieces inspired by OIDO. 

Junkies’ Promises: Curated by Iván Navarro


Paul Kasmin Gallery
293 Tenth Avenue & 515 West 27th St

Opening Reception: Thursday, 27 June, 6-8PM




Artstravanganza had an amazing turnout and was fantastic! 

We saw a wonderful show put on by our kids, we were treated to a performance by special guest Bombayo, and we got to witness another great effort by our music teacher Mr. Blumenthal - the fifth grade chorus was sooo good!

Plus - we got to see all the lovely art work and science projects from all our kids!  I've attached a piece from the fashion class, and a science project done in conjunction with Mr. Leslie.

Thanks to the YMCA, the kids, the parents, parent Anne Rogers for the fashion class contribution, Mr. Soto and Mr. Leslie and, of course all the teachers and staff that put in the time to make it happen.




PS 84 is proud to present its third annual garden party community event on Saturday, June 22nd from 11:00am to 4:00pm!  This fun get together offers activities for kids of all ages.  We will be offering arts and crafts, face painting, science activities, and imagination center, chess, live music, sports, tours of the hydroponic classroom, wonderful food and more!


Click here for the Facebook event page.


Video and online article about the New Perspectives Photo Exhibit at PS 84

The Global Foundation for Democracy and Development wrote about the fantastic photography exhibit of images of the Dominican Republic at PS 84:


On February 1, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) was delighted to take teachers, parents and students of the Brooklyn Visual Arts & Sciences Primary School on an exciting “study tour” to the Dominican Republic. The 50 some scenes of the Dominican Republic were presented through the itinerant photography exhibit, which was displayed in what became an "island oasis" of the school’s cafeteria. The exhibit showcased aerial images from the GFDD and FUNGLODE publication “New Perspectives: Dominican Republic” documenting lesser-known images of the country.

The special “tour”, started off from the welcoming words of the school’s part-Dominican principal, Sereida Rodriguez-Guerra.

Ms. Rodriguez, thanked GFDD and one of the Dominican teachers, Sandra Vizcaino, for initiating such a beautiful exhibition in their school. A large percentage of the school teachers and students are of Latin or Dominican descent and bringing the photography exhibit in, provided the teachers and students with a wonderful opportunity to experience close the land of their heritage.

The trip went on with a presentation of the exhibition by GFDD Executive Director Natasha Despotovic, who mentioned that she is originally from Croatia. A naturalized Dominican, Ms. Despotovic recalled how the exhibit was born in 2004 during a routine flight from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana with Photographer Anne Casale, she came up with an idea of capturing aerial images of the landscape passing below. The images taken were later presented in a form of the book, which was such an overwhelming success, the decision to create a traveling photo exhibition was made which to date has been seen by thousands in countries worldwide. On behalf of GFDD, Natsha thanked the school for its partnership and said that it great pleasure to present to the school audience today. She also hopes that this will be the beginning of a connection with students in the DR through cultural exchange opportunities.The principal also gave a special note of thanks to Dominican-born New York City government official, Jeanne B. Mullgrav, who was in attendance, and Brooklyn political leaders, Joe Lentol and Diana Reyna, for their strong support in advocating youth and community programs at P.S. 84 Jose De Diego Magnet School for the Visual Arts & Sciences. She continued that the school, which has been undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to a popular district-wide dual language program and a huge surge in parent involvement, is currently in the midst of fundraising for an enviormental awareness project for a school rooftop greenhouse.

The photography exhibit trip then came to its most enjoyable part – a reception with the Dominican food made by the students and their parents, some of whom were wearing traditional folkloric Dominican dress. The GFDD team was glad to see so many happy smiles on the faces of the gathered crowd intrigued by the breath-taking images of landscapes of the Dominican Republic. The photography exhibition, in the view of the parents, was extremely educating, interesting and inspiring; it served as a source of pride for those present and successfully reconnected the two big cultures, American and Dominican.

The New Perspectives: Dominican Republic photo exhibit is free and open to the public daily February 1 - March 1, 2013 at PS 84 Cafeteria 250 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Proceeds from the sale of posters, donated by GFDD, will go to the Greenouse Project at PS 84.

New Perspectives Dominica Republic hardcover book is on sale and can be purchased through the GFDD/New Perspectives websites or on Amazon.


and check out the video!


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