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Annual PTA Fundraising Drive Begins



Here's a message from Andrea Hopmann, Co-Head of Fundraising and our PTA Co-Treasurer:
Let It Snow!
We are kicking off our PS 84 PTA Annual Fund Drive, and we need your help.
Reaching our fundraising goal of $30,000 will allow us to continue providing meaningful programs, classroom technology, music, nutritious lunches and much, much more.
Remember, no gift is too big or small. Any amount you give will make a difference in the lives of our students at PS 84. What is most important is that you join us in this effort. Together we can easily achieve more than 50% participation. And in honor of your gift your student will receive a snowflake in their name on our winter celebration wall, located in the front lobby.
Thank you to our donors. Your collective commitment and generosity allows PS 84 to be the best of public school education and there is no better investment than in our children and their future.
Andrea Hopmann



It is my pleasure to announce that PS 84 will hold its fall book fair this week. The book fair will take place Wednesday, November 6th, Thursday, November 7th and Friday, November 8th. 
We have partnered with WORD Books, a locally owned and operated book store in Greenpoint. Most books will cost between $3.99 and $12.99 with the majority being $3.99 and $4.99 paperbacks. 
All profits from the book fair will be used to purchase new books for our school library or our classrooms. Parents can always support PS 84's library by purchasing books at WORD Books and mentioning PS 84. 
Thank you so much for you continued support in building a culture of literacy in our school. 
Important Points to Remember: 
• Please send book fair money to school with your child in a sealed envelope. 
• Students will have the opportunity to visit the book fair with their class only once. *
M. Berkshire 
Assistant Principal

*see attached link 

Library Report

Holly McDade <>, the head of our library committee, spoke at the PTA meeting, and sent over some follow up notes. Here's what Holly has to say (for more info, email her directly): 

Our volunteer run library has been very important to both PS 84 students and teachers. Each year the library has been growing bigger and better. This is our third year to check out books. 

The library always need volunteers. Since you'll be working directly with our students if you help out in the library, you must go through the Learning Leaders training. Please keep in touch with Ms. Lydia about the program. 

The library has a new teacher liaison - Ms. Vizcaino. 

On Amazon, we have a wish list of books. The wish list contains books that the students and teachers have requested, and also some books in areas that we are lacking. This month, I have added books that were lost or not returned last year. Please help your child keep up with returning the library books. In next few weeks, we will post more Spanish and graphic novels that are needed. 

If you'd like to buy a book (or books!) for our library, don't forget to start your shopping on our website's home page, and click on the Amazon button there.
When you land on the Amazon homepage, you will see wish list tab on the top far right. Go to the wish lIst section, and under it, in the pull down menu, you will see "find someone's wish list." You can type in something like just PS 84, and our wish list of books will appear. 

Also, there will be a Word book fair on November 6th, 7th and 8th. 

As a future fund raising request, the library needs up to date computers with research programs as well because the students need to learn how to do computer-based research. 




The annual Marathon Bake Sale is Sunday, November 3, and we need your help!

Just like in previous years, we’ll be setting up shop at the corner of Bedford Ave and South 2nd Street, in front of Brooklyn Gourmet Deli. The sale itself runs from 8AM-1PM, but we’ll be there starting at 7:30.


Even if you use a boxed mix or refrigerator-case dough. Even if you simply dunk pretzels in melted chocolate (mmm). Even if you just want to donate coffee & milk or forks and napkins. Seriously, we don’t care if you’re an amazing baker—every goody will help us raise funds for our school’s programs.

Some requests:

  • Items should be individually wrapped. Please use clear packaging so people can see what they’re getting! With smaller items, consider putting two or three in each package so we can charge more. 
  • When possible, include a small sign or label telling folks what you’ve made. If it’s gluten-free or organic or vegan or special in any way, mention it! Don’t be shy about using enticing words like “gooey,” “chocolaty,” “decadent,” etc.
  • If you can include some sort of tray or box for display, so much the better.
  • Be aware that there are rolling street closures on Sunday morning, so if you can, walk over.
  • If you can’t make it on Sunday but would still like to contribute, 84 mom Andrea Hopmann is accepting well-wrapped and packed baked goods at her home on Friday and Saturday—you can leave it with the doorman. The address: 34 Berry Street, PHE, North 11th and Berry.

Easy-to-make suggestions:

  • Rice Krispies Treats
  • Brownies
  • Cupcakes from a mix
  • Chocolate-covered pretzel rods, dipped in colored sprinkled
  • Chex Mix

Please sign up if you're donating goodies or materials, and if you'd like to help out at the sale itself. 

Thank you all! If you have any questions, email Debbie Koenig (mom of 2nd grader Harry):



Recently, you received a FARMIGO flyer in your child’s folder.  FARMIGO is a new, wonderful offer for PS 84 families to receive local farm fresh veggies and dairy, delivered right to our school. PS 84 weekly deliveries will arrive every Wednesday, starting Wednesday, October 2nd from 2-4pm, so be sure to get your order in by Sunday, September 29th before midnight.  We need only 20 orders to begin and 10% of all proceeds go to our school.

Our shopping link:


Farmigo Food Communities bring the variety and quality of a farmers market to you via weekly deliveries. You have the freedom to customize your order online each week to ensure you only get the food you want and only pay for what you buy.


· Get fresh, local produce delivered directly to your community, saving trips to the store or farmer’s market

· Fresh, delicious produce harvested within 48 hours of delivery

· Farmigo is a pay as you go system with no long-term commitment required, and your weekly delivery can be easily put on hold at any time

· Your purchases support sustainable small farms and the local economy


· Sign up and order only the freshest produce you want

· Farmers harvest the items the day before they are delivered

· Farmigo delivers the fresh produce directly to PS84 on Wednesdays

· Once you enter your selections, we offer a convenient standing weekly order that is automatically in place if you want the same foods each week. Making changes is easy and you can modify your order or put the order on hold any time.

Questions? Please email:  Vivien Moses –


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