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-Saturday, June 2nd, from 11am to 4pm will be our 2nd annual garden party fundraiser. 

-To volunteer to work at the Garden Party, email Diana Zelvin :
-To volunteer to make food for the event, email Ileana Santos-Moya :
    We will need side dishes.

-There will also be the unveiling of the plans at the party for the school's new rooftop greenhouse classroom featuring a state of the art hydroponic laboratory.  The curriculum will begin this September in the science classes.  This is a continuation of PS 84's greening of the school and of its commitment to a strong science program aided by this year's new early morning enrichment science class.

-We are forming a nominating committee to run the elections for next year's executive officers and school leadership team (SLT).  If you want to run for office, you cannot be on the nominating committee, but you should start to write up something presenting yourself and what you'd like to do if elected.  Anyone interested in being on the committee should contact Ileana Santos-Moya :

- El Puente will be creating a wonderful mural for the school.  They will be donating their time and funding half of the needed supplies.  They did host a meeting and our kids came up with some great deas.  Look for updates about this in the future.

-There will a father/daughter event on Friday, June 15th.  Hoping to also host a mother/son event.

Fundraising information:

-Our First Ever Gala Auction was a tremendous success:  Over 250 people attended the party, and we raised over $25,000.
-Our Direct Donations Campaign is still ongoing. To donate money towards the direct appeal, go online to and give thru paypal. Or, you can send a check written to PS 84 PTA .

-Matching donations: If you work for a company which has matching grants, please consider asking them to match your contribution to P.S. 84.  Also, we are looking for a parent with a business experience to help us in soliciting funds from businesses. If you are interested in helping please contact
Elka Nikolova :

-Trout in the Classroom: Thanks to the grant writing efforts of parent Meredith Barish, starting in the fall, PS 84’s children will begin a very exciting program: Trout in the Classroom where they will raise and later on release trout fish in to the wild.

- Music grant: Parent Chris Tokar worked on an application to the Baker Foundation for $25,000 towards our music program. We will receive updates once the decision is made.

- Boxtops for Education Fundraiser: We are collecting box tops cutouts and shopping online to earn money for our school. So far, we have earned $413.29 towards our goal of $1000 this year. We have 48 parents and supporters registered at the Boxtops for Education website but we need more. Please register at and choose P.S. 84 as your school to support.  Then, every time you shop online thru the boxstops website, you earn money for P.S. 84! 

- Books4ourschool Fundraiser: Our school came in third on the Books4ourschools fundraiser, and we will get 100 new books to add to our library collection. Thank you to all who voted for PS 84.


P.S.84 is pleased to announce a revolutionary new project that will have significant long-term benefits for our students and the community. Come join us for the unveiling of the plans for our 1,500 square foot Hydroponic Greenhouse Classroom on June 2nd, at our Annual Garden Party, from 11-4pm.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the music, food, crafts, and the pig roast, but you will have an opportunity to preview plans for this thrilling addition to our school - a prototype sustainable urban farm and environmental education center.

You will get a chance to see how students will learn major science concepts through hands-on activities, critical thinking, and by interaction with greenhouse technology.

Our Greenhouse Science Laboratory will be a classroom built around a 21st-century sustainable urban farm. In the greenhouse, children will grow food, while learning about nutrition, water resource management, efficient land use, biodiversity, conservation, pollution, waste management, and sustainable development. To facilitate this project-based learning environment, the PS 84 Greenhouse Classroom will also include hydroponic growing systems, a rainwater catchment system, aquaponics, a weather station and a vermi composting station, among other specialized greenhouse equipment.

The laboratory operates as an integrated part of the school curricula and prepares children to exceed New York City science standards.
In addition to enhancing a school science curriculum, the greenhouse laboratory greatly enriches arts and social studies by connecting nature to culture. Students learn the relationship between humans and the environment and gain a greater appreciation of sustainable development and its direct relationship to cultural diversity.
This is a two-part project. The first part leading up to our completed rooftop Greenhouse is converting a classroom into a Greenroom, a hydroponic science lab. Although our science and art teachers, have already been implementing a green curriculum, the in-house green room will give children the opportunity to start using the systems as early as this coming September.
Part two is the completed construction of the rooftop greenhouse classroom. When that is ready, the in- house green classroom will be converted into a science lab and all those systems will be installed in the greenhouse along with other specialized equipment.
We greatly look forward to sharing our unveiling of this project!


Diana Zelvin and Heather Langsner
Co-Chairs Greenhouse Project

Sereida S. Rodriguez-Guerra
Principal PS 84 Jose de Diego


Fundraising Report



First Annual Gala Benefit Auction, Saturday May, 5, 2012. The goal for this year’s benefit is to raise money for our $50,000 effort for music and art in our school.  We are currently soliciting businesses, parents and friends for donations of items and services for us to auction. So far we have more than 20 donations to the auction. Tickets will go on sale on April 1, and will cost $25.  We will need volunteers to help sell tickets, set up the space and clean up afterwards.  If you want to help, please contact Courtney Smith at


In order to expand the music program, we are doing an inventory of our two music rooms.   Parents Chris Tokar, Jordan Margolis, and David Ransom are working on ithis.  We are currently prepping the music room to be repainted and organized.  If you would like to help, please contact Jordan Margolis at


Parent Chris Tokar is working on a grant for the Music room due May 15.  She is also investigating additional grants. Parent Vivian Moses is researching art and green grants.  If you want to suggest a grant, or assist in grant writing, please contact Chris Tokar @


Garden Party, June 2nd, 2012.   The event will take place in our schoolyard and will be the official launch for the Greenhouse classroom project. We will need volunteers to set up the event, to sell tickets, and to do various craft activities.  If you want to help, please contact Liz Santiago at

Our Direct Donations Campaign is on its way.  You have received our first round of direct appeal letters asking parents, family and friends to donate to our school. Please fill out the donation form and write checks to the PS84 PTA.  You can bring it into the front office.  We are working on making it possible to donate online. Look for our meter in the lobby for updates. If you have any questions please e-mail Elka Nikolova at

We are looking for book donations to expand and rejuvenate our book collection.  To donate books to the library, please visit our website under fundraising.  Holly McDade has created a Library Wish List, which is posted there.  The library will accept additional donations of course, so keep bringing in those books!  A law firm is donating $10,000 toward the expansion of the library.  We will create a drama room with a small stage and a puppet theater.  Also a group from that same law firm will be helping with the set up of the library in addition to the two music rooms. If you'd like to learn more about the library, please e-mail Holly McDade at


If your company would like to follow up in the footsteps of the law firm that adopted our school by donating funds and providing community service, please contact Elka Nikolova at


Matching donations: If you work for a company, which has matching grants please consider asking them to match your contribution to P.S. 84. If you have any questions please contact David Ransom at David will provide you with our tax ID number and a letter from the PTA.

Boxtops for Education fundraising -  please continue to collect box tops cutouts and shop online to earn money for our school.  We have 48 parents and supporters registered at the Boxtops for Education website but we need more.  Please register at and choose P.S. 84 as your school to support.  If you have questions please e-mail Ileana Santos Moya at




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