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-Saturday, June 2nd, from 11am to 4pm will be our 2nd annual garden party fundraiser. 

-To volunteer to work at the Garden Party, email Diana Zelvin :
-To volunteer to make food for the event, email Ileana Santos-Moya :
    We will need side dishes.

-There will also be the unveiling of the plans at the party for the school's new rooftop greenhouse classroom featuring a state of the art hydroponic laboratory.  The curriculum will begin this September in the science classes.  This is a continuation of PS 84's greening of the school and of its commitment to a strong science program aided by this year's new early morning enrichment science class.

-We are forming a nominating committee to run the elections for next year's executive officers and school leadership team (SLT).  If you want to run for office, you cannot be on the nominating committee, but you should start to write up something presenting yourself and what you'd like to do if elected.  Anyone interested in being on the committee should contact Ileana Santos-Moya :

- El Puente will be creating a wonderful mural for the school.  They will be donating their time and funding half of the needed supplies.  They did host a meeting and our kids came up with some great deas.  Look for updates about this in the future.

-There will a father/daughter event on Friday, June 15th.  Hoping to also host a mother/son event.

Fundraising information:

-Our First Ever Gala Auction was a tremendous success:  Over 250 people attended the party, and we raised over $25,000.
-Our Direct Donations Campaign is still ongoing. To donate money towards the direct appeal, go online to and give thru paypal. Or, you can send a check written to PS 84 PTA .

-Matching donations: If you work for a company which has matching grants, please consider asking them to match your contribution to P.S. 84.  Also, we are looking for a parent with a business experience to help us in soliciting funds from businesses. If you are interested in helping please contact
Elka Nikolova :

-Trout in the Classroom: Thanks to the grant writing efforts of parent Meredith Barish, starting in the fall, PS 84’s children will begin a very exciting program: Trout in the Classroom where they will raise and later on release trout fish in to the wild.

- Music grant: Parent Chris Tokar worked on an application to the Baker Foundation for $25,000 towards our music program. We will receive updates once the decision is made.

- Boxtops for Education Fundraiser: We are collecting box tops cutouts and shopping online to earn money for our school. So far, we have earned $413.29 towards our goal of $1000 this year. We have 48 parents and supporters registered at the Boxtops for Education website but we need more. Please register at and choose P.S. 84 as your school to support.  Then, every time you shop online thru the boxstops website, you earn money for P.S. 84! 

- Books4ourschool Fundraiser: Our school came in third on the Books4ourschools fundraiser, and we will get 100 new books to add to our library collection. Thank you to all who voted for PS 84.



Dear Parents!
We had a great meeting this last PTA, and I am very exited because we have a lot more people helping out on fund raising already.

MUSIC ROOM committee. If you want to get involved in helping the music room project please contact Jordan Margolis at
GALA AUCTION FUNDRAISER committee: to get involved contact Courtney Smith at
DIRECT APPEAL FUNDRAISER: to learn more or donate money contact David Ransom at or Elka at elkankol@
GRANT WRITING: with ideas, leads or to give a hand please contact Chris Toker at

WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS for the following:

EXTENSION OF THE LIBRARY: We need one parent to head the extension of the library commitee. We have a room next to the present library space, which was repainted during the Christmas break. What needs to be done is to work with the school to organize the new room into a library for the younger children. We are already raising money for this project but need one person to spearhead this and move it along. If you are passionate about books please get in touch with me at Holly McDade who is heading the library at the moment will help you to get started.

CORPORATE MATCHING GRANTS/CORPORATE GIVING: this is maybe something for a person with business experience but not necessary. We need to solicit money from businesses and corporations on behalf of P.S. 84. If you feel that this is up your alley please contact me.

TECHNOLOGY GRANTS/DONATIONS: We need new computers/I-pads for the library and for the teachers room. We also need one parent to head this initiative. If you have experience in this area please contact me.

BOXTOPS FUNDRAISER: with questions about Boxtops and how to get involved please contact Ileana Santos-Moya at    The boxtops site is:

I hope to see you at the next PTA meeting with more good news.  Meanwhile, I will be updating you about our progress in reaching our goal of $50,000. So far, we have raised $4050. Look for the meter in the school lobby as well.

Thank you.

Elka Nikolova
Fundraising committee


There was a really big turnout including several teachers at last Thursday's meeting.  The energy was amazing.  With so much great stuff happening, and the new update  - it seems like everything has really come together.

Maria Quail, our Department of Education Network Leader came to talk about
why PS 84 was chosen to host an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Nest Program
and to introduce Dorothy Siegel, the founder and leader of the ASD Nest.
The program will begin this fall, starting with two kindergarten classes - four ASD with eight typically developing kids + two teachers.  If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program, then contact the front
office and ask for materials and more information.

Elka Nikolova, who is the head of our fundraising committee, outlined the following:

1) We are having a silent auction fund raiser, called the Gala, probably in April.  Courtney Smith is the
head of the Gala.  To join this committee, write her -
In order to keep this email manageable, I'm hoping Courtney will follow up with a separate email with more specifics.

2) We are appealing to everyone for direct donations to fund expanded music and arts programs.
We have received over $4000 in the last month, but we need all families to donate.  We will be instituting
an online option soon, but for now, write checks out to:  PS84 PTA and leave them in the PTA box in the front office or email Treasurer David Ransom  -   
Additionally, we need volunteers immediately to help solicit direct donations from corporations including local businesses.  If you can head this committee, write to Elka Nikolova -

3) Grant writing.  This committee is currently run by second grade teacher Ms. Vizcaino, Meredith Barish, and Elka Nikolova.  Three grants have been written:  The Laura Bush Library Grant, The Loews Toolbox Grant, and Trout in the Classrooms.  A few parents indicated that they would join this committee, but we need more volunteers.  Contact Elka again.

4) Don't forget to cut out your box tops and bring to school.  Also, always shop through the boxtops website when shopping online.  We've made hundreds of dollars already simply by doing this easy things.

Anyone who wants to research the Amazon project, which is similar, that would be great!

The Materials Recyclables project is up and running and if you have any ideas or want to help, contact Louisa Thompson -

Matt Aronowitz asked PTA members to fill out Parent and Teacher testimonials to help with our search engine optimization.   He is working with an outside firm to help our website come up faster in searches.


There are still plans to expand the library.  A second room has been cleaned and painted.  We need a volunteer to lead this committee.  If you are interested, contact Holly McDade -

We need to organize the Music Room, and David Ransom and Jordan Margolis volunteered to do this.  Daphne Youree is working on a grant for the music room.  If you want to help, email Jordan -

Everard Findlay discussed the Roof Top Garden Project.  This takes long term planning and funding.  We do have funding and an architect lining up, and some great preliminary projects planned.  We will start by greening the areas around the school further, and possibly by having the children decorate flower boxes and displaying them around local stores and businesses.


Here are some of the things we have been doing:

Our first GALA AUCTION FUNDRAISER is on its way. We are looking for donations from parents, businesses, relatives, artists, babysitters anybody who can donate something we can auction to raise money for our school. We are working on finalizing our space and date for the event and will reach to you as soon we have that in place. Come and join us for good food, life music, lots of fun and get to know your schools community. We are looking for volunteers to help in the every stage of the planning and execution of this event. If you want to help us please contact Courtney Smith at

Our DIRECT DONATIONS CAMPAIGN is on its way. Soon you will be receiving a letter in your child's folder asking you to donate money to P.S. 84 so we can expand our arts and science programs and bring music back to our school. Our goal is 100 % participation. Even $10 can make a difference towards reaching our goal of $50,000 this year. We have already raised $4000 dollars towards our music program from donation by parents.  Look for our meter in the lobby for updates on how we are doing.

MATCHING DONATIONS: If you work for a company which has matching grands please consider asking them to match your contribution to our school. We are looking for a parent with a business experience to help us in soliciting funds from businesses. If you are interested in helping please contact Elka at
We are also working on our online donation drive. Soon you will be able to contribute through our website Parents Stephanie Anderson, Peter Calvin and Molly Findlay are volunteering to make this happen.

GRANT WRITING:  We also applied with the help of our teacher Ms. Vizcaino and parents Meredith Barish and Elka Georgieva for three grants: The Laura Bush Library Grant, The Loews Toolbox Grant ( to fund the Materials Center), and the Trout in the Classroom Grant (to bring an exiting science program to P.S. 84).  We are looking for volunteers to help us with grant research and grant writing. If you want to get involved please contact Elka at

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS PROGRAM:  The PTA helped fund the Materials Train (parked in our school lobby) where you can donate recycled materials to be used in our kids art and science classes. Our art teacher Mr. Soto and parent Louisa Thompson are working on the Materials Center, where all the recycled materials will be collected. If you are interested in helping them on this inspiring project please contact Louisa at

December PTA Meeting Update

Hi - Welcome the PTA and Parents section of PS 84's website!

This first post will be a quick review of last month's PTA meeting highlights.


The fourth grade ballroom dancers were given a shout out for their Gold win in the local ballroom dancing competition held this year at PS84.  They went on to get a silver in the finals.  Fourth grade teacher, Ms. Colaianni, worked with the Dancing Classrooms personnel ( and the students to help make their success possible.  The funding for the competition was supplied by the proceeds of our Marathon Bake Sale fund raiser.


The Family Portrait fund raiser made $1325.00.  Big shout out to photographer and parent, Daphne Youree, who both organized the event and took the pictures!


Our recyclable arts center is a reality.  Donate your recyclables in the wonderful train created by arts teacher, Mr. Soto, and they will be placed the materials center room on the first floor.  If you haven't checked out the room yet, go see it!  Many parents worked along side Mr. Soto to clean out that room as well as the additional library room and the updated music room.  Major thanks to parent Louisa Thompson who conceived of and is running the materials program and thanks also to the other parent volunteers who cleaned up the rooms:  Klaus Rosburg, Elka Nikolova, Vivien Moses, Dolores Zarilla, Stephanie Anderson, Susan Golub, and PTA president, Ileana Santos-Moya.   Another big thank you to parents Cristina Miragem Dodd and Stella Metzner who donated a substantial amount of arts supplies from their store, Space Craft.

Follow up - Kids are already using the materials.  Pre-k students are designing trucks that will be built out of our donated recyclables for instance.


Third grade teacher, Ms. Pecoraro, was on hand to discuss the efforts of her third grade class to collect and distribute items to Brooklyn Animal Coalition (  They were able to collect a great deal of helpful items and delivered them to BARC last month.  Local paper, Greenline, did a wonderful piece on the kids:


Second grade teacher, Ms. Vizcaino, was also at the PTA meeting and discussed her efforts with parent, Elka Nikolova, to write additional grants for the school.  If you would like to join the grant writing committee, contact:  Elka Nikolova:


Elka Nikolova is also working on a spring benefit fund raiser with parent Courtney Smith to raise money for the Marquis Studio program for 2012/13.  If you'd like to join contact Elka.


Principal Rodriguez and parent, Heather Langsner, discussed the work being done by the roof top garden committee.  Currently, there is an energy assessment being done on how to conserve electricity and how to save energy and money in the school.  Besides being more environmentally friendly, we are going to try to use the savings to help fund our new roof garden.  If you have an interest in this committee, please contact Principal Rodriguez directly.


We also discussed how to improve communication both to prospective parents and current parents.  We decided to change the tours somewhat, and to add certain features to our website. 


Follow up - For the tours, a power point presentation was developed by parent Jennifer Tracy and then worked on and executed by Asst. Principal LaCioppa.   The website committee had an opportunity to meet with Fifth grade teacher, John Frezza, who will be updating school information on the site.  Parent and website designer, Peter Calvin, added a calendar, this newsletter blog, and expanded the classrooms section.  He also gave a training session.  If you would like to join the website committee, contact Stephanie Anderson: 

Please "RSS" this blog - you'll then get all the updates emailed to you.








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