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New Partnership with North Brooklyn Farms

Michelle Schulz has facilitated a partnership with North Brooklyn Farms. Our first graders are going to visit first, and Thursday, the folks from North Brooklyn Farms are going to meet with our science teachers to plan for our partnership going forward. 

From Ryan Watson, of North Brooklyn Farms: 

North Brooklyn Farms converts vacant land into publicly accessible urban farms where people can connect with nature and access organic, sustainable produce. We provide good food, green space and hands-on garden education to people of all ages.

Our mission is to improve the lives of urban dwellers and demonstrate the transformative potential of urban agriculture to all people. We believe urban farms are a vital part of a sustainable city and deserve the attention of the political and economic forces that shape our future.

Who we are -

Henry Sweets is an urban farmer and landscaper who trained at Stone Barns and managed vegetable production at Battery Urban Farm in Manhattan. He has a bachelors degree in philosophy and years of experience teaching art and gardening to children and adults.

Ryan Watson is a garden educator and community organizer. A former teacher, Ryan is the founder of Brooklyn Seed Company and has worked for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden integrating garden and environmental education to teach the next generation about the importance of sustainable living.

What we offer -

Pick Your Own Farm Stand - Purchase vegetables harvested while-you-wait, or venture on to the farm to pick your own seasonal produce. Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2 to 6 p.m.

Farm Dinner - Three-course dinners featuring produce from our farm and other local growers served every Sunday evening around sunset. Buy tickets at

Volunteer Hours - Get your hands dirty and hone your gardening skills with both novice and experienced gardeners under the guidance of our staff. Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2 to 6 p.m.

School Visits - An integral part of our mission is to raise the next generation of urban farmers and teach them why urban farms are an essential component of a sustainable city. Contact us at to plan your school's visit.

Garden Consulting - We consult with homes, businesses and community organizations to build beautiful, productive growing spaces. Contact us at to set up a consultation.

Our story -

After meeting at Battery Urban Farm in 2012, Henry Sweets and Ryan Watson dreamed up the idea of converting vacant lots in Brooklyn into a network of public urban farms. In March 2013 they gained access to the former parking lot of the Domino sugar factory in Williamsburg. Over the next three months they built a farm there with the help of community volunteers, and opened their first farm site in July.

How you can help -

The farm relies on community support to sustain itself. Join us for dinner, purchase produce from the farm stand, or donate. 

Address: 329 Kent Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11211 Entrance along S. 3rd Street between Kent and Wythe Avenues.
Questions? Email us

See Ryan, Henry and Quinn from North Brooklyn Farm visiting our hydroponic classroom.


"This is the most advanced school garden with a hydroponic system that I've seen!" -Ryan Watson

Rooftop Greenhouse Classroom Curriculum


Greenhouse Overview


The PS 84’s Greenhouse Science Laboratory is a classroom built around a 21st-century sustainable urban farm that focuses students on issues of global concern: Climate Change, Efficient Use of Water and Energy, Building Greener Cities and Growing a Secure and Health Food Supply.


Students learn major science concepts through hands-on activities, critical thinking, and by interaction with greenhouse technology.


Students learn where food comes from, how much energy and water is needed to produce it, the relationship between diet and health, and the links between food and the environment.


Students meet and exceed NYC Science Standards.


Students make connections between their Science and Social Studies classes, and how those subjects relate to the world they live in.


Students gain in-depth knowledge about ecology, natural resources management systems and foodsheds.


Students see first hand the connection between food production and nutrition


Students discover how to think creatively about food systems and horticulture.


Students understand the global context of agriculture and sustainability


Students are empowered to make their own choices about their impact and the world.


Greenhouse Systems:


1.     Weather Station: Interactive displays allow students to monitor and record variables such as humidity, temperature, temperature, solar radiation, and carbon dioxide both inside and outside the greenhouse.


2.     Hydroponic Growing Systems: Hydroponic crops require ten times less water than conventional farming. Crops include tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, peppers, lettuces, herbs, and flowers.


3.     Aquaponics: Fish produce waste that is pumped through a bio-filter and converted into nutrients which the plants can use.


4.     Rainwater Catchment: The water needed for crop irrigation comes from rain that is captured on the roof of the greenhouse and then stored in water tanks.


5.     Raised Soil Beds: While hydroponics accounts for the majority of the growing systems, there are two soil beds for younger students to use as they explore what plants need to grow.


6.     Evaporative Cooling: A passive cooling system, evaporative cooling relies on the absorption of heat by water as it changes from liquid to vapor, which greatly reducing the amount of electricity needed to cool the greenhouse.


7.     Worm Composting Station: A fantastic way to teach kids about the process of decomposition and the importance of reducing the amount of waste that enters landfills.


8.     Solar Power and Wind Energy: In a time when our dependence on fossil fuels is greater than ever, teaching students about renewable energy options is paramount to their understanding of sustainability.


9.     Integrated Pest Management: Pesticides will not be used on any of the plants in the greenhouse. Instead, beneficial bugs will fight the pest bugs.  

The Rooftop Greenhouse Classroom Funding is Completed!

Principal Rodriguez is pleased to announce that the $1.2 Million has been raised and construction for the PS 84 Rooftop Hydroponic Greenhouse Laboratory and Classroom will commence this fall! The perfect expression of a combined arts and sciences curriculum, PS 84's greenhouse classroom is not only a beautiful way to engage children in real world problem solving but a nuanced approach to simultaneously enriching both left and right brained learning. While the arts at PS 84 nurture creativity, independent thinking and innovation, the Greenhouse is the emblem of STEM (science technology engineering and math) education at PS 84. When the two are combined, students are prepared for advancement through high school and college, competing for next generation jobs and thriving cooperatively in a resource constrained world. In this vein, Principal Rodriguez is building relationships with several institutions of higher learning.


Artstravanganza had an amazing turnout and was fantastic! 

We saw a wonderful show put on by our kids, we were treated to a performance by special guest Bombayo, and we got to witness another great effort by our music teacher Mr. Blumenthal - the fifth grade chorus was sooo good!

Plus - we got to see all the lovely art work and science projects from all our kids!  I've attached a piece from the fashion class, and a science project done in conjunction with Mr. Leslie.

Thanks to the YMCA, the kids, the parents, parent Anne Rogers for the fashion class contribution, Mr. Soto and Mr. Leslie and, of course all the teachers and staff that put in the time to make it happen.




PS 84 is proud to present its third annual garden party community event on Saturday, June 22nd from 11:00am to 4:00pm!  This fun get together offers activities for kids of all ages.  We will be offering arts and crafts, face painting, science activities, and imagination center, chess, live music, sports, tours of the hydroponic classroom, wonderful food and more!


Click here for the Facebook event page.



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