Special Education Services

PS 84 fosters an inclusive community of learners, integrating general education and special education students in all of our English-only classrooms in grades K-8.

Inclusion in schools promotes a single, integrated system of education which provides access and opportunity to all students. Inclusive classrooms cultivate empathy and understanding in environments where each child's unique thinking processes, social-emotional needs, strengths, talents, and interests are acknowledged, appreciated, and developed.

Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) Classes

Each integrated co-taught (ICT) class includes two teachers, one certified in general education, and one certified in special education. Teaching teams work together to provide seamless instruction that meets the needs of all of the children in the class within a general education, grade-appropriate framework.

Because ICT classes improve the student-to-teacher ratio, teachers are able to more readily determine students' strengths and areas of need, tailor their instruction accordingly, and improve outcomes for all students. In addition to the educational benefits of inclusion, students benefit socially as they participate in diverse classes which foster an appreciation for differences, and where all students are seen as full and accepted members of the school community.

ASD Nest ICT Classes

The ASD Nest program is another inclusive setting available for our students. The ASD Nest program supports higher-functioning children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) improve their academic, social, and behavioral functioning in school and in their communities.

Beginning in kindergarten, the ASD Nest classrooms are fully inclusive, reduced-size ICT classes, serving both general education students, and students with ASD. ASD Nest classes include grade-appropriate academic and specialized curricula, integrated therapeutic services, and instructional strategies in socialization, adaptive skills, language, and communication.

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