Health & Safety

Health Policies

Minor injuries are cared for at school when the nurse is on duty.  For more severe illnesses or injuries, the nurse or a staff member will notify parents to have the child taken to the doctor.  In cases of emergency, the school will be required to call an ambulance.  Parents will always be notified of a serious problem. Therefore, it is critical that parents keep the school notified of any change in cell/work/home numbers and emergency contacts.

Parents of students who need regular medication must fill out a 504 form, including students that need an EPI pen for life threatening allergies. Teachers will inform all staff and other parents of the life-threatening allergy, to ensure that those food items are not brought to the classroom.  

*Please note that Teachers are not allowed to administer medication to students, even with a Doctor’s note


PS 84 has one Safety Agent located at the main entrance of the school. Parents, Caregivers and other visitors, may enter the school if identification is provided. Please remember to exit the building through the main entrance/exit, as all other doors have alarms.

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