Our 3D Printing Team Wins at the CC3DP!

Every year, our 3D printing team enters into a competition called CC3DP (creative challenge in 3D Printing).  

This year, the task was to make a product based on a silicone mold. 

Students had to 

  1. brainstorm ideas
  2. create 3D designs on Sketchup (CAD program)
  3. troubleshoot designs
  4. print the 3D design into a physical object
  5. press the 3D object into silicone to create molds
  6. pour gelatin into molds
  7. package gummies
  8. create packaging logo
  9. create presentation for the competition

Our team won the "live challenge" which is a design problem that they are given an hour to complete on the day of the competition. 

Kudos to our team and our amazing science teacher, Mr. Leslie!