physical education

The Physical Education program at PS 84 follows the Physical Best and Health Teacher curriculums.

Physical Best is a comprehensive, health-related fitness education program. The goal of the program is to assist students in achieving their individual best. Through Physical Best, children are instructed in health-related fitness concepts including aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and nutrition. Activities and games are modified according to students' grade level and abilities.

Health Teacher is a comprehensive program which provides a framework for health education that helps students become "health literate," capable of understanding health information and using it to improve their health. Health instruction is taught every 2-3 weeks using a Balanced Literacy approach.

In addition, many of our teachers have been trained in the Department of Education’s Move to Improve professional development. With MTI, teachers incorporate short, structured physical activities into their classrooms—it may be a game in which younger students act out words like “wiggle,” “tremble,” and “sway,” or a triathlon in which older students pretend to swim, run, and ride bikes right next to their desks.


Elementary Boys Soccer

Elementary Girls Soccer


Flag football

Meet the coaches


Mr. Lubin

Mr. Lubin teaches Physical Ed to students K-5. In addition, he coaches the Elementary Soccer teams for boys and girls, the basketball team and the flag football team.




Mr. Guzman teaches Physical Ed to Middle school students.