All students in grades K-8 attend science classes at PS 84. We believe that science provides opportunities for students to develop skills necessary to function productively as problem-solvers in a scientific and technological world. 

Students learn best when they are involved in first-hand exploration and investigation, and when inquiry/process skills are nurtured and content is organized on the basis of broad conceptual themes common to all science disciplines.

Our science units in the lower grades include studies of the properties of matter, animal habitats and life cycles, recycling, plant diversity, seasons, and forces in motion. In addition, the 5th grade participates in the Trout in the Classroom program. 

5th grade trout release trip in 2017

5th grade trout release trip in 2017


In the upper grades, our students learn from units which include properties of water, electricity and magnetism, animal adaptations and animals and plants in their environment. Many of these topics are explored by examining the brown trout, crayfish, and snails we raise in our science classroom.

The Science team spearheads our annual Science Exploratorium, modernizing the traditional Science Fair into a fun, hands-on event, where students are the scientists and our guests/parents conduct the experiments. 

In addition, the school has an Accelerated Science Program for students in 7th grade.

Science Exploratorium 2018

Science Exploratorium 2018



Offered as an after-school club to students attending 4th and 5th grades, and as an elective for middle school.


3-D Printing

Offered as an after-school club to students attending 4th and 5th grades.

3D Printing team working together at the  2018 CC3DP competition

3D Printing team working together at the 2018 CC3DP competition

Meet the Teachers


Mr. Leslie

Leslie Yam was born and raised on the Lower East Side. He attended NYU where he double majored in General and Special Education. Later he obtained a Master's Degree in Childhood Science and Math Education from Hunter College.

Mr. Leslie began his teaching career in 2012 at PS 84. He currently teaches grades K-5 as well as Robotics and 3-D printing.


Ms. sims

Ms. Sims began teaching in 1995 and joined PS 84 in 2013. She has a Master's degree in K-6 education and currently teaches grades 3-5 at the school. 

Ms. Sims leads the Trout in the Class project in 5th grade. She believes that a hands-on approach is the best way to teach science to kids of all ability levels because it gives them a sense of developing their own knowledge and being in control of learning, while making science fun for them. 


Mr. Hutton

Daniel Hutton is a veteran who discovered his love for teaching while in the military. What he loves about teaching is trying different approaches until that moment when he sees the "light bulb turn on" in a student.

He teaches grades 6-8 and pays special attention to gearing up the 8th grades for the Living Environment Science in High School, helping them get ahead of the game.