Student Conduct

At PS 84 we believe all students are capable of being leaders in their academic and social lives. We work with students to develop their leadership qualities through an embedded social-emotional curriculum called The Leader In Me and The Seven Habits of Happy Kids, which emphasize personal accountability, proactive problem solving, communication and adaptability.

Behavioral Expectations

PS 84 follows the New York City Department of Education’s Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning.  This document will be distributed to all parents, and can be found online. It is expected that families review the code with their children.

Cell Phone Policy

We understand that some students have cell phones to communicate with parents or caregivers before and after school hours, however students are not permitted to make or receive calls during the school day. If a student has a cell phone, it must remain in their backpack, turned off, for the entire day. If a teacher or staff member sees a child’s cell phone, it will be confiscated and cannot be returned until a parent or caregiver comes to the school to pick it up. Upper grade students are encouraged to hand in their cellphone to our Student Advocate, who will ensure the safekeeping of cellphones. PS 84 is not responsible or liable for any other electronics brought into the school.  Please discourage your child from bringing such items as they can be misplaced or damaged.

Cyber Policy

Technology is an important tool available to students in their daily lives. With the aid of the Department of Education Office of Technology Assistance, we do our best to monitor and block access to websites that may provide inappropriate content for students. The common message between home and school must be that all students understand that access to technology must also be accompanied by a commitment to accept the responsibility for the appropriate use of this tool. Students will be held accountable for any behavior that impacts life in school in a negative manner. PS 84 will refer to the DOE discipline code regarding cyber technology to enforce the policy accordingly.