About PS 84

What sets PS 84 apart is a rich and well-rounded standards-based program with an emphasis in Arts and Sciences, and extra opportunities offered to students through special partnerships with community organizations.

PS 84 José de Diego serves approximately 800 students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, in the diverse neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Named after José de Diego, the school was founded in 1969 in the south side of Williamsburg. Once a struggling school with low enrollment, PS 84 has transformed into a popular neighborhood option thanks to strong leadership, a sought-after dual language program, strong parent involvement, and a rich curriculum. In 2014, PS 84 added a middle school. 

Our mission at PS 84 is for students to become lifelong learners. Our child-centered, diverse environment fosters self-confidence and mutual respect. Our rigorous, dynamic, and standards-based curriculum delivered by dedicated and qualified teachers ensures that all children meet their full potential. Working closely with parents and with Williamsburg's talented community, we nurture the social, emotional, and educational lives of all students.


Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program balances a mix of traditional and progressive approaches with strong emphasis in the Arts & Sciences. In addition to academics, every student participates in Social-Emotional Learning and Arts Enrichment Classes.

Specialized Teachers: Dedicated teachers with specialized degrees in Science, Technology, Music, and Art. 

Extra-Curricular Activities: Free After-School Programs, Clubs, and Teams. In addition, independent organizations offer after-school programs with pick-up from the school.

Spanish Dual Language Program:  Language immersion program with native Spanish-speaker teachers.

Inclusion: English-only classes feature Integrated Co-Teaching. The school also offers an ASD Nest Program for children on the autism spectrum. 

Daily Recess: PS 84 believes in the importance of play time and movement. All students have a 20-25 minute recess daily. The school has a coaching program to facilitate play time during recess. In addition, kindergarten students participate in a 20-minute movement time before or after lunch.

Free Breakfast & Lunch:  Food is provided in the school every day through the DOE. Parents are always welcome to pack lunch for their child, if they prefer or as dietary limitations dictate. Learn more about the breakfast and lunch menus. A healthy snack is also provided in the classroom afternoon. The school has a Recycling and Sustainability program implemented in the cafeteria.

Facilities: The spacious facilities allow for specialty classrooms, fitness rooms, library, auditorium, and cafeteria. The school also benefits from exclusive use of the adjacent William Sheridan Playground during school hours. 

Greenhouse: State-of-the-art rooftop greenhouse that functions as an additional science classroom. 

Strong Community and PTA: From attending school events to fundraising, PS 84's community comes together as a family to support the rich learning environment offered at the school.