visual arts

The Visual Arts Program at PS 84 Jose de Diego helps children develop their artistic skills while building a foundation of literacy in the visual arts. It provides social, cultural, and historical context, and links art to other disciplines and subjects.

The Visual Arts Program at Jose de Diego focuses on art history while researching artists of different time periods and ethnicities. Students also study diverse contemporary artists and occupations within the arts while exploring a variety of media.

All children from K-8 receive art classes once or twice a week, in two spacious studios fully equipped with all the art supplies needed. At PS 84, art is taught according to the NYC Blue Print for Teaching and Learning in the Arts


In the upper grades students explore a variety of art expressions, like photography, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, product design, and fashion design. 

Students in grades 7-8 also focus on preparing portfolios for high school and can choose art as an elective.


Student work is exhibited and celebrated throughout the school's building and classrooms, and featured in the school's annual art show Artstravaganza. PS 84 students have also been exhibited in both the Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival and the prestigious PS Art Exhibition at The Met.

Meet the Teachers


Ms. Gina

Gina Rios is a native New Yorker, born in Queens and raised in Brooklyn. With an art degree from St. Francis College in Elementary Education and Fine Arts, she has been teaching art since 2000.

In 2013 Ms. Gina joined PS 84, where she teaches grades K-3.

She strongly believes that art gives our students and edge and opens doorways to get into better high schools and colleges and ultimately have a better way of life.

Mr. Diraimondo

Michael DiRaimondo received his Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Molloy College and his Master’s of Art Education from NYU. He feels very lucky and proud to be teaching  grades 4-8 at PS 84, where art and creating are a part of the everyday routine. He is thankful for his many years working with visual and theatre art as a performer, designer, and director.