Communication With Staff & Teachers



Bloomz is a mobile and desktop application adopted by the school in an effort to increase communication and decrease the use of paper. We encourage you to download the App and accept the invitation to join the community, from your child’s teacher or the Parent Coordinator.

Why You should sign up

Bloomz is an invite-only app, which means the information shared in it is only available to PS84 parents and your posts are only shared with your class or teachers.

By signing up you will get important information from the school administration as well as your teachers. School and classroom updates, alerts, reminders, event information -and more- are shared through Bloomz.

Additionally you can quickly connect with your teachers and other parents in your class, share photos, videos and other relevant files.

How to sign up

iOS App
Android App

Download the app on your phone or bookmark the page on your computer. Once you receive an invite from your teacher you will be able to join your classroom by using a specific code to that class.

If you have more than one child in the school you will need to join each class with a different code provided by each teacher. You will be able to see both classes in the app.

Welcome Letters & Newsletters

At the beginning of the school year, you will receive a welcome letter from your child’s teacher introducing themselves and indicating classroom routines, structures, and goals. Parent’s will also receive monthly newsletters with grade specific information about curriculum, assessments and/or unit plans for the month. Information about celebrations, trips, and long-term assignments may also be found in the newsletter.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please note that PS 84 follows the elementary school calendar, so our conference dates differ. We have four conferences in total. The first is used as Curriculum Night, to introduce parents to the curriculum units and goals, as well as grading and homework policy. The Fall and Winter conferences are used to inform you of your child’s progress and how you can best support your child in their academic journey. The final conference date is our Science Exploratorium, our modern twist to the traditional science fair.

Parent Engagement

Parents are encouraged to make appointments to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss any academic or behavioral issues that may arise during the school year. Parent engagement takes place on Tuesday from 2:45PM to 3:20 PM. Parents may also contact the Parent Coordinator for assistance in any area. PS 84 also hosts Wonderful Wednesday once a month so that parents/guardians may visit their child’s classroom and engage in the curriculum.


Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to share their email address with the school to disseminate important information about activities in the school. Teachers value your input and would like to hear from you. Please allow 48 hours for teachers to respond to emails.

Class Parent

Class parents serve as community builders, teacher supporters, and as class representatives to the PTA Executive Board. Your primary goal is to encourage parent participation in class and PTA events. Teachers will pick two parents per class.


Stay in touch with the PTA

Follow us on social media to get access to event photos, updates, reminders and more.