School Communications

Keep up-to-date with the school administration, your teachers and the PTA by signing up for the following platforms.


Bloomz is a mobile and desktop application adopted by the school as the main way of communication with parents.

Why You should sign up

Bloomz is an invite-only app, which means the information shared in it is only available to PS84 parents.

By signing up you will get important information from the school administration as well as your teachers. School and classroom updates, alerts, reminders, event information -and more- are shared through Bloomz.

Additionally you can quickly connect with your teachers and other parents in your class, share photos, videos and other relevant files.

If you have more than one child you will be able to see all your classes in the app.

How to sign up

Download the app on your phone or bookmark the page on your computer.

Once you receive an invite from your teacher you will be able to join your classroom by using a specific code to that class.

If you have more than one child in the school you will need to join each class with a different code provided by each teacher.

Download from Apple Store

Download from Apple Store

Download from Google PlayStore

Download from Google PlayStore



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